Ventilation & Lighting

A first step, by no means the last step towards a clean and safe environment.

Sanitary Dustbins

More than a basic need its a essential item for behavior change, to prevent clogging of sewerage ducts.

Kids Accessories

Children are the future, if we protect our future, we are taken care of the present too. We believe in making toilets welcoming and usable for children too.

Behavior Change

We engage communities rationally and emotionally to promote sustainable behavior change.

Community Workshops

Not only is it reassuring to the community, but also an on-the-ground approach to gather first hand feedback for future innovations.

Door to door surveys

This is where we make our first connect with the community at a social level. Here we measure the market opportunity and the market size.

Monthly Family Pass

Reduces any friction towards penetrating into the mind of the customer. Encourages the entire family to form a behavior. Our brand ambassadors influence within their greatest radius of influence.

Value Added Services

We offer to our users, variety of tech-enabled value added services like Banking, Digital Goods, Ecommerce, etc.

360 impact

We are scaling and transforming Samagra to a self sustaining social enterprise using Psychology, Technology, Design and Win-Win Partnerships.