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#1ToiletWill make a Healthy Nation!

#1ToiletWill make a Healthy Nation! – February 19, 2016

A Nation with a healthy population is more capable of contributing to and achieving its development goals and making India vivid and vibrant.Is there any corelation between a Nation’s Growth, Health and its Sanitation scenario?

We leave it to your wisdom.

#1ToiletWill make a Healthy and Wealthy Nation. We at Samagra certainly believe so!

This story is originally shared on Facebook Loo Rewards Page.

​#OneToiletWill make healthy habits stick

#OneToiletWill make healthy habits stick. – August 21, 2014

The scene of open defecation is a major threat to the hygiene of the ones immediately exposed, especially for children who play with their own excreta (and of others). Diarrhea kills more children than malaria, AIDS, and measles combined. One toilet in a house will stick healthy habits and reduce child mortality. Do you know that 75% penetration of sanitation in an area results in 45% reduction of diarrhea? But how do we encourage healthy habits that reduce open defecation practice? Just building toilets is not an answer.For us at Samagra, Toilet Design is as much about ART as it is about Science & Technology. By combining Spatial Photography, User data and Insights, Technology, with Psychology and Architecture, we design toilet buildings that promote behavior change.

We call it BABCHA (Building As Behavior Change Aid).

#OneToiletWill make healthy habits stick. We firmly believe so!

 This story is originally shared on Facebook Loo Rewards Page.

​#OneToiletWill make engineers!

#OneToiletWill make engineers! – July 25, 2014

“11 year old Vikas wants to become an engineer. Living in a house nearly the size of 2 large beds joined together, one can imagine the degree of hardship which kids like Vikas living in slums of Pune (and world) have to go through. But never has the small size of house stopped Vikas from dreaming big. ”

Initially, Vikas used to fall ill regularly because of infections from defecating in the open. The community toilet built by municipality in Shrawandhara slum did not serve the purpose because of nearly no maintenance. Even Vikas’s school toilets never used to be clean. This affected Vikas’s health and showed up in his academic performance.

Now, ever since Samagra’s intervention of maintaining community toilets in the slums of Shrawandhara in Pune, toilets are properly maintained and kept clean using innovative “no touch cleaning” latest methodology. Samagra also takes up toilet cleaning of schools to provide a healthy environment to the children of our nation. With clean toilets, not just the rate of open defecation but also the occurrence of diseases has drastically reduced.

You can contact us on info@samagra.co to get more information about our services.

A healthy body and a sound mind will make the impossible possible. #OneToiletWill make engineers. We, at Samagra firmly believe so.

This story is originally shared on Facebook Loo Rewards Page.

#OneToiletWill avoid barking dogs!

#OneToiletWill avoid barking dogs! – July 17, 2014

We’ve all seen adorable pictures of a child with a dog. Television and movies are full of stories about children and their canine sidekicks. How cute?
But situation for the open defecation practitioners tends to be quite scary at times, specially for children. Wild dogs surround the easy little preys; sniffing and barking, they many a times bite!
This story is originally shared on Facebook Loo Rewards Page.

One Toilet Will___?___

Few blame hedonist beliefs as the larger reason behind adopting open defecation, that, it is pleasurable for ‘them’ (open defecation practitioners) to enjoy the act in the natural environment ‘under the sky’, on the ‘open grounds’, ‘behind the bushes’ and ‘free of cost’.

This is an effort of Samagra to find out that this justification for evaluating ‘their’ action in terms of how much pleasurable and how little painful might be true for men who can open their zip anywhere, but it is the women and young girls who suffer the wrath of defecating in the open.
It is full of pain. Ask ‘them’. It does not come ‘free of cost’ to them. The degree of the price ‘they’ have to pay is more than health and hygiene and crosses beyond embarrassment and shame and ends with a constant dangling dagger to their social identity and dignity, and in few cases(women), a permanent threat to their honor and life.

How will a toilet help change their lives? The power of one and the price for none.

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