July 25, 2014 samagratech

​#OneToiletWill make engineers!

#OneToiletWill make engineers! – July 25, 2014

“11 year old Vikas wants to become an engineer. Living in a house nearly the size of 2 large beds joined together, one can imagine the degree of hardship which kids like Vikas living in slums of Pune (and world) have to go through. But never has the small size of house stopped Vikas from dreaming big. ”

Initially, Vikas used to fall ill regularly because of infections from defecating in the open. The community toilet built by municipality in Shrawandhara slum did not serve the purpose because of nearly no maintenance. Even Vikas’s school toilets never used to be clean. This affected Vikas’s health and showed up in his academic performance.

Now, ever since Samagra’s intervention of maintaining community toilets in the slums of Shrawandhara in Pune, toilets are properly maintained and kept clean using innovative “no touch cleaning” latest methodology. Samagra also takes up toilet cleaning of schools to provide a healthy environment to the children of our nation. With clean toilets, not just the rate of open defecation but also the occurrence of diseases has drastically reduced.

You can contact us on info@samagra.co to get more information about our services.

A healthy body and a sound mind will make the impossible possible. #OneToiletWill make engineers. We, at Samagra firmly believe so.

This story is originally shared on Facebook Loo Rewards Page.

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