July 15, 2014 samagratech

One Toilet Will___?___

Few blame hedonist beliefs as the larger reason behind adopting open defecation, that, it is pleasurable for ‘them’ (open defecation practitioners) to enjoy the act in the natural environment ‘under the sky’, on the ‘open grounds’, ‘behind the bushes’ and ‘free of cost’.

This is an effort of Samagra to find out that this justification for evaluating ‘their’ action in terms of how much pleasurable and how little painful might be true for men who can open their zip anywhere, but it is the women and young girls who suffer the wrath of defecating in the open.
It is full of pain. Ask ‘them’. It does not come ‘free of cost’ to them. The degree of the price ‘they’ have to pay is more than health and hygiene and crosses beyond embarrassment and shame and ends with a constant dangling dagger to their social identity and dignity, and in few cases(women), a permanent threat to their honor and life.

How will a toilet help change their lives? The power of one and the price for none.

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